IE Passwords Recovery Software

IE Passwords Recovery Software Administrator key code unmask tool recover missing IE account saved password authenticated secret key code and facilitates you to get forgotten password of IE email login account and other password protected windows program. Hotmail email account password revival software reset user’s multiple email or news groups account created on different websites including AOL, MSN, Yahoo, EarthLink, Gmail, Comcast and social website (Orkut ,MySpace etc). Internet explorer authenticated code breaker program unmask asterisks (****)

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SignGen 1

authenticated and released by the document creator.   Example of a Signature block Created by SignGen  This is an electronically validated unique Certificate 0709-01111-1111-1247 Released by : Garry J. Smith Position : Manager Organisation: Certified by: Registry Date issued : 7/09/01 9:34:57 PM Correspondence with this Certificate can be classed as Authenticated The principles used by SignGen are similar to the PKI standards of a Public

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BT Yahoo Email Password Recovery Administrator password recovery tool recover forgotten IE account saved password
BT Yahoo Email Password Recovery

BT Yahoo email password recovery software uncover key code of various internet explorer account such as Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Rediff, Orkut, Hotmail and MySpace. Advance password revealer application unmasks asterisk characters password on any authenticated windows application. Gmail password reset tool has GUI wizard and easily retrieve all IE type passwords like IE Auto Form, Auto complete and Identity Password of any length and complexity.

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Remote Reboot Utility Quick, secure reboot of NT/XP/2003/2008 computer triggered from a web browser.
Remote Reboot Utility

The Remote Reboot Utility ("RemBoot") is a software product which runs on a dedicated IP number and port and, upon authenticated request, reboots the computer. Once installed, RemBoot is controlled over HTTPS using any web browser. All you need is a connection to the Internet and your login details to reboot the computer.

reboot, secure reboot, remote reboot

SAEAUT SMS Service Client 2.2.0: LAN Client for SAEAUT SMS Service - individual and group SMS sending/receiving
SAEAUT SMS Service Client 2.2.0

SAEAUT SMS Service Client enables sending/receiving individual or group SMS in LAN using software SAEAUT SMS Service placed on the same or different computer in LAN. It uses shared SMS database. Authenticated user has access only to own received/sent SMS. It provides logging of all user activities.

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PeaZip 1.8: PeaZip is an open source portable file archiver
PeaZip 1.8

PeaZip is an open source portable file archiver. It supports its native PEA archive format (featuring compression, splitting and flexible authenticated encryption and integrity check schemes) and other mainstream formats, with especial focus on handling open formats. PeaZip allows to browse archives in navigational or flat mode, to apply multiple inclusion and exclusion filters to archives, to extract multiple archives at once.

peazip, compress tar, file archiver, console mode, pack files, archiver

AD Password Extender 1.0: Extend Active Directory User Password Expiration
AD Password Extender 1.0

The AD Password Extender is a free Windows tool that allows you to select a user account and extend the password expiration date by the amount of days specified in your Group Policy. This is often helpful when you have end-users who are travelling and cant log into the VPN or other Active Directory authenticated system.

password, extend, active directory, freeware, account, expiration, user

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